Raw material and finishing

Firstly, Raw Material.

Since wood is a living and natural product, its pieces differ from each other in colour and structure, even though they might belong to the same tree species.

Therefore, differences in tone in the grain, which may be streaked or flamed, and variations due to the natural movement and change of solid wood are distinctive features that demonstrate its naturalness and cannot be considered reasons for claims.

Moisture, temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight can impair the gluing of product parts, cause wood defects such as banding or slight splitting and alter the colour of the wood and coatings.

Sipa is only for indoor

Our solid wood chairs, our handcrafted wooden stools, our production of artisan solid wood tables and table tops are exclusively meant for indoor areas, their use is not recommended in open space, to be carefull in open verandas.

The woods we use for our products, from bar and restaurant chairs to table tops, are spruce, ash and oak, and come from European forests that are managed correctly and responsibly according to FSC regulations.

Control over the entire production process

Choosing Sipa means choosing sustainability also in the production process: painting, upholstery coating and packaging operations take place at Premariacco (UD) plant, in our premises.

Wood treatment

The wood is slowly seasoned in boards until it reaches a humidity level of +-20%, and then goes through the drying process in a ventilated oven or autoclave until it reaches a humidity level of between 8 and 10%.

Varnish Finishes

All the finishes we offer for our wooden chairs, handcrafted wooden stools, solid wood tables and wooden table tops are available for viewing. You can simply ask for the SIPA BOX, which contains authentic solid wood samples varnished with our standard finishes with the following specifications


Ash Natural Whiten 5 gloss
Ash Stained Oak 5 gloss
Ash Stained Walnut 5 gloss
Ash Stained Smoke 5 gloss
Ash Lacquered Black RAL 9011 5 gloss
Ash Lacquered Greige RAL 7039 5 gloss
Ash Lacquered White RAL 9010 5 gloss
Ash Lacquered Red RAL 3016 5 gloss
Ash Lacquered Green RAL 6003 5 gloss
Ash Lacquered Blue RAL 5009 5 gloss
Ash Lacquered Bordeaux NCS S7020 Y90R 5 gloss
Ash Lacquered Pink NCS S2020 Y80R 5 gloss
Ash Lacquered Orange NCS S2060 Y70R 5 gloss
Frassino Lacquered Yellow NCS S2050 Y20R 5 gloss

The colour matching systems we use for our lacquers are RAL and NCS. Minor shade variations are acceptable.

Request your SIPA BOX now

Finishes: Fabrics and Eco leather for upholstery

For the upholstery of our design wooden chairs and stools we use cottons and Eco leather that meet the main market regulations and are not subject to antibacterial treatment with substances not authorized under EU Reg. 528/2012.

The fabric of our collection comes from Abitex, a manufacturer located in our area, which has a large warehouse available for prompt delivery. On Abitex website you can download the technical specifications and certifications for each of the coverings chosen for our products: Nord Wool, Aida, Horo, Magnum, Opera, Ganesha.