Our certifications confirm our actions.

An effective growth in the global market necessarily goes along with a change of mentality at all levels of the company, a broader vision and a shared operational model that places interpersonal relations as the cornerstone of the business. A daily ‘doing’ based on credibility and professionalism, which at Sipa we aim at maintaining over time.
The international certifications listed below – ISO9001, ISO14001, FSC, and Catas Member – reflect our way of thinking and confirm our way of acting and organizing the company.
An accurate attention to the product and environmental sustainability are the basis of our belief which is transposed into the entire production of chairs, stools, tables and wooden table tops for the contract sector.
At Sipa, certifications confirm actions.

ISO 14001
Undergoing certification

CatasAffidabilità testata*


*Tested reliability

Before placing our products on the market, we normally test their safety, resistance and durability at Catas SPA, the most important European laboratory for testing and for applied research in the wood and furniture sector, which is located in the neighborhood of our production area.

Tests on wooden chairs, bar stools and solid wood tables are carried out following the European Standard requirements for strength EN 16139. Our table tops are tested for durability to painted surfaces with reference to the EN12720 Standard for cold liquids and the EN12721 Standard for hot liquids.

In addition to these ones, Sipa can also test to specific EN Standards or obtain the certifications required in the U.S. by BIFMA, the trade association for business and institutional furniture manufacturers that regulates the safety and quality parameters required to operate in the U.S. market. Sipa has currently obtained BIFMA certification for four of its solid wood chair models: Tablet, Cut, Milano and T-Coffee.