Since 1974 SIPA has exclusively manufactured chairs, tables, accessories and semi-finished products in high quality solid wood.

Artisan values

Founded in 1974, Sipa is in its second generation of entrepreneurs. Young in its spirit, mature in the approach to the international contract and HO.RE.CA. market, the company is solid in its structure with deep-rooted values: culture of wood, attention to the environment, concreteness. A close-knit family leads the company; they believe in their house production and focus on sustainability, reliability and quick delivery of their products, which are rigorously made of solid wood.

Made in Sipa

An in-house production cycle, which includes cutting, gluing and shaping wood. An expert craftsmanship of skilled workers. Automation reserved for the most laborious operations. All, in a green and circular economy. This is the way how Sipa appears, an artisan company which is born and has expanded in Premariacco (UD), in one of the greenest areas of the chair district, in a factory that was renovated in 2019 and is now a small jewel of design, with an renovated too, in-house showroom.

Sipa’s production alternates between rustic chairs, such as the classic chairs with the heart on the back, and more contemporary models, also created with the collaboration of prominent designers. These are flanked by wooden bar stools, various table models in solid wood and by table tops.

Love for Wood

Wood is a living material which constantly changes. At Sipa, we know that each piece, as well as the tree it comes from, has specific features and imperfections. It is necessary to recognise them to use them to our advantage and to prevent problems in the future. It is an ancient knowledge, which you learn by carefully observing the wood with naked eye day after day, year after year. Our workers, who grew up in the company, know how to distinguish all the peculiarities of wood and select the most suitable pieces for production. Their experience and reliability become tangible in Sipa’s contract chairs, bar and restaurant stools, table tops and handcrafted tables in solid wood. That is why we don’t receive claims. That is why bis international group trust us.

Speed as quality service

In an uncertain global context, Sipa is certainty of a coordinated and rapid response to customer requests. This is thanks to an efficiently managed, in-house warehouse with a constant stock of wooden chairs, bar stools, table tops and handcrafted tables in solid wood.

The company’s agility, due to its small structural dimensions and to the careful and total control of production processes, including varnishing, contributes to Sipa’s efficiency and speed in making orders ready for shipment.

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