Clean energy, always

Sipa aims at renewable energy and self-production, with a 258-kW photovoltaic system capable of covering the company’s entire energy demand. A high-efficiency, new-generation system that makes the plant independent and totally green. This 2023 investment is just one of the business sustainability actions undertaken by Sipa as part of a policy with the goal of reducing consumption and CO2 emissions.

Zero waste, zero rejects.

In Sipa, there is no waste: sawdust, which is the company’s main waste, is for the largest part reused for heating production areas, replacing the more polluting fossil fuels, and for the remaining part, sold. There are, in fact, several uses for sawdust, which is in demand in the automotive and cosmetics markets, in livestock and stables, or used to produce pellets. Even pieces of wood that are not used in the production of bar chairs, high stools, restaurant tables and wooden table tops find new life in the furniture market for the composition of chipboards.

Warm temperature in winter

The re-use of waste sawdust for heating the company’s production areas has a twofold advantage: on one hand, it provides a workplace with a pleasant temperature in the cold season, and on the other hand, it offers a guarantee of chair quality in the medium and long term, because gluing and painting operations must never be carried out below a certain temperature.

Zero-kilometre subcontractor

Not only an attentive control over the entire production process and fast service, but also a lower fuel consumption and consequent reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. These are the advantages of having a pool of subcontractors, just a few kilometres from our plant in the chair district of which we are a part.

FSC logo

We only use fir, beech, ash and oak wood from European forests, mainly from the Balkan area, which are managed in a correct and responsible manner according to FSC parameters.