Correct use and cleaning

Safe Care

Our manufactured wooden chairs and stools must be used exclusively for sitting, the purpose they were made for, and not as a surface on which to place objects, especially heavy ones. They shall not be climbed or used to swing, as these actions could damage the products and be potentially dangerous for those performing them.

Improper or irresponsible use of the seats exempt Sipa from being held liable for any claims or accusations of defective manufacturing.

When cleaning and maintaining all Sipa products, including wooden tables and table tops, avoid solvents and/or products with an overly alcoholic base, which could dull the varnish or remove it. We recommend wiping the painted surfaces with a damp, non-abrasive cloth using a neutral detergent.

Textiles need the same care and in the case of more persistent dirt it is preferable to use specific products, taking care that the liquid shall not come into contact with the wood by penetrating through the fabric.

For specifications and further information, please refer to the sections related to the composition and quality of the raw material used, the painting stage and the fabrics used.