We thank you for choosing a SIPA product.

We are a small family business and since 1974 we have continued to be faithful to our artisan roots. Our products express all our love for wood and knowledge of this natural raw material. Long seasoning, respect for the characteristics of each essence and manual processing phases, allow us to offer you excellent results. We keep the shapes of the past, but we are attentive to the needs and styles of the present. The use of modern production and warehouse technologies guarantees fast delivery times. Buying a SIPA product means sharing these values and supporting a typical artisan reality of the best “Made in Italy”. Thank you


Wood is a natural product. Each piece has its own color and structure. Differences in tone in the grain and variations due to the movement / natural change of the wood are not to be considered a reason for complaint but on the contrary a distinctive feature of solid wood that accepts the naturalness of the product. The woods we use are Fir, Beech, Ash, Oak and come from European forests, while the production takes place at our factories in Italy in Premariacco (Ud).


Above all the table tops and seats, but also our other products, such as chairs, stools and tables, must be protected from humidity and temperature changes, which have devastating effects on solid wood. Furthermore, the product must not receive direct sunlight as it could alter the color of the wood and coatings. Our standard paint includes a solvent-based or water-based color and a finish with primer and 5-gloss gloss acrylic paints.


The coatings are not subject to antibacterial treatments with unauthorized substances pursuant to EU Reg. 528/2012.


The products must be used according to their function of use (for example to sit down) and not for other purposes, such as placing objects that are too heavy, climbing on them with feet or knees or swinging, as all these operations could cause damage to the themselves and be potentially dangerous for those who use them. Improper or irresponsible uses exempt Sipa from being liable for any defects in the product. Solvents should be avoided for cleaning and maintenance. We recommend wiping with a damp cloth with a non-abrasive surface using a neutral detergent. In the case of more stubborn stains, we recommend using specific products for fabric, taking care not to let the product come into contact with the wood and that the liquid does not penetrate through the fabric.

CERTIFICATIONS (to be requested in case of need):

CATAS stability test
FSC 100% certification - ISO 9001
Fire reaction test CERT
Hot liquid reaction test
Cold liquid reaction test