graphic project of the book: Studio CCRZ

Book is a Book is a Book

The itinerary theatre exhibit Book is a Book is a Book created by Trickster-p (Swiss) takes the audience on a fantastical expedition through the pages of a book.
The project has been translated into four languages and displayed in many theaters and fairs in Italy, Swiss, Germany and France. In December 2020 it got awarded the prestigious “Siberian Hasen” for Design from the Zurich magazine Hochparterre thanks to its ability to “combine the multimedia installation, the performance, the book and the space to allow the audience to listen to the book on their own, making the public the one and only actor”.
photos: © Anna Domenigoni, Arya Dil_far° Nyon, Giulia Lenzi, Studio Pagi_LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura